About Us


Business Vision

To be recognized by the Medicare and the Accreditation Commission for Healthcare as a leader and premier program service provider within the Hospice and Palliative Health Care Industry and the communities in which All People Hospice and Health Care Serves


Our Service Model

The business service model for All People Hospice and Health Care, Inc. is based upon a care-driven concept vs. that of a census-driven concept where the primary focus is on the number of clients served and in-service client hours, as well as, clients turnover rate. There are three key components to All People Hospice and Health Care business service model to ensure that its clients and their families receive superior service. They are: (1) providing convenience in client care, (2) adding value in care and (3) always providing quality care. To achieve and maintain its objective for providing consistent and superior care and more, All People Hospice and Health Care has created 5 Maxims or standards for excellence and expectation which its clients, their families and the community can expect to receive and experience when using the services of All People Hospice and Health Care.


Maxims for Excellence in Client Care and Services

1. Compassionate Care 

2. Consistent Care

3. Competent Care

4. Convenient Care

5. Continued Hospice Education/Training of staff, family and the community